Reducing Single Use Products

The Directors of African Sky Hotels & Resorts, Michael Hagemann and Stephan van Helt, have looked into how the Hotel group can become more environmentally friendly, modernise and improve the brand.

They have partnered with The Bespoke Amenities Co, who has been the supplier of the in-room amenities for the African Sky Hotels & Resorts Group for a number of years.

In an effort to reduce the single use products, the Group has made the decision to move away from plastic bottles containing Shampoo and Body Wash as well as plastic wrapped soaps and to introduce a Shampoo & Body Bar.

The Shampoo & Body Bar is not a soap bar but rather a concentrated shampoo that contains no water and is packed in a locally produced 100% recycled cardboard box as opposed to a liquid shampoo in plastic.Using pre Covid numbers the Group used 39400 plastic bottles with 39400 plastic caps, and 43200 plastic soap wrappers. This new product will make a great contribution in reducing the groups use of single use plastics. Also, the production of the previously utilised quantity of body wash required 2277 litres of water – the Shampoo & Body Bar is produced without water, therefore contributing significantly to water savings.

In addition, the total weight of the amenities transported will be reduced by 60% giving a significant reduction in our carbon footprint.

“We are really excited about the new amenity offering which not only reduces our single use plastics but contributes to sustainability in many other ways. We hope our guests will enjoy the new product and that it shows them how committed we are to making the small changes that matter”

Michael Hagemann & Stephan van Helt (African Sky Hotels & Resorts) with Bruce Turner (The Bespoke Amenities Co.)